OOFOS For Running Recovery

Runners' feet endure the brunt of the repetitive pounding of the sport and it is no surprise that pain and long-term injuries can occur if you don’t recover effectively. Conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Fracture and Extensor Tendonitis can develop. 
Nearly every runner knows the plantar fascia tendon that runs lengthwise across the bottom of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is that sharp, stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot. As with all tendonitis issues, the beast can rear its ugly head sometimes out of nowhere and drag on for what feels like an eternity. 
OOFOS customers have reported relief from the pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis. This is due to the increased impact absorption our shoes provide and the patented biomechanically engineered footbed that helps increase circulation and provides superior arch support. The material flexes with your foot and the surface you are walking on simultaneously, relieving pressure and cushioning your feet. 
OOFOS recovery footwear is available for men and women. Browse our latest styles to find the ideal pair for you.


Performance shoe foam is designed to rebound and propel you forwards. OOFOAM™ does the opposite by absorbing 37% more impact to reduce stress and pressure on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.





"After a race or long training run your feet and body need a break and chance to recover. OOFOS are the perfect recovery footwear for this. The foam material is soft and extra comfortable, with a foot-bed that cradles and supports your arches providing relief to your aching feet." Pat Carroll, Australian Marathon Great and Running Guru


"I LOVE these shoes. I am a Functional Osteopath/Movement specialist and very keen sports player. I have never felt such an amazing pair of shoes. The comfort is this side of pure decadence. I'm sending my athletes and patients your way!" Troy Bradley, Functional Osteopath


"I first discovered OOFOS after running my third marathon, and I’m so glad I did! So much more than a flip flop, they are like cushions for your feet, so comfy and supporting you forget you are wearing them. I’m straight into mine after every race/long run without fail, they really do help with recovery. My only regret is not finding them sooner!" Katie Mawdsley, 5 Times Marathon Runner


"The ergonomically designed footbed feels like a dream on your tired feet. Springy and deeply luxurious” Runners World UK


Once you place them on and walk around you feel the cushion. They are like walking on pockets of clouds. They are cushioned in all the right areas for my worn out feet, but not overly done to get annoying." The Knackered Runner