What are OOFOS?

OOFOS are the original active recovery footwear brand, designed to support your feet and make yOO feel better! 

After seeing a need not currently being met by the footwear industry, OOFOS were invented by a team of footwear veterans from the largest performance brands. They engineered OOFOS to help reduce load and stress, so your body can rebuild throughout the day. OOFOS are powered by our proprietary OOfoam™ an innovative, cutting-edge material that absorbs 37% more impact designed to help you recover without slowing you down.


  • cradles your arches
  • reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and back
  • enables a more natural walking motion
  • reduces energy requirements at primary joints for walking

We aim to be your go-to shoe no matter the occasion, which is why OOFOS footwear comes in a variety of styles beyond just the typical sandals and slides worn after exercise. Whether you need to rejuvenate and recharge after a workout or just need a comfortable, supportive shoe to get you through your day empowered, OOFOS are here to support you and make yOO feel better.


    What is the difference between the OOFOS styles

    Our proprietary OOfoam™ technology and patented footbed design is the foundation of all OOFOS products. Every OOFOS product is designed to achieve: Simplicity, Lightweight, Flexibility, Free movement, Minimalist construction & Quality

        • OOriginal: The OOFOS story begins with the OOriginal Sandal. This combination of sleek design and revolutionary OOfoam™ recovery technology lays the groundwork for all future styles and models.
          • Sport: Features bold, hand-painted graphics on the upper strap for a sporty look.
        • OOahh: An evolution of the OOriginal, featuring an agile OOfoam™ strap for additional support and comfort.
          • Sport: Features bold, sporty, hand-painted graphics on the upper strap.
          • Luxe: Hand-painted treatments and prints bring some extra fun and expression to OOFOS’ classically comfortable slide.
          • Sport Flex: A contemporary spin on the classic slide, with a sleek adjustable upper strap for a more optimal all-around fit.
        • OOlala: Made with our patented OOfoam™, this sandal features a streamlined footbed that compliments every outfit, day or night. The OOlala is a narrower fit than our other styles - designed specifically for the feminine foot. 
          • Luxe: Hand-painted treatments and prints bring some extra fun and expression to OOFOS’ classically comfortable slide.
          • Limited Edition: Sold in limited quantities, these exclusive graphic treatments are a great colourful addition to any wardrobe.
        • OOcloog: A versatile clog that brings unmatched comfort into your everyday work or leisure routine.
          • Luxe: Hand-painted treatments offer an added note of colour and creativity to everyday comfort.
          • Limited Edition: Sold in limited quantities, these exclusive graphic treatments are a great colourful addition to any wardrobe.
        • OOmg
          • Mesh: Our breathable 4-way stretch mesh fabric introduces a new level of comfort and convenience into your everyday routine.
          • Fibre: Made with our Fibreflex™ fabric, these offer a durable, yet breathable feel that perfectly mould to the foot.
          • eeZee: A different take on the classic, made with a unique 4-way stretch woven canvas-like technology, these shoes contour the entire foot.

    What is the difference between the Sport, Luxe, and Limited styles?

    The difference between each of these types is in appearance, as these names denote the different type of paint, finish, or pattern that each style comes in. All OOFOS have the same patented footbed, support, and proprietary OOfoam technology regardless of their finish. If you're searching for your favourite style in a fun new look, check for the same style name like OOriginal or OOlala, and each of the Sport, Luxe, and Limited styles will feature the same fit in looks ready for all your different recovery needs!

    Where are OOFOS made?

    Our shoes are made in Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia depending on style and production capacity.

    All of our foam footbeds are made in Vietnam or Korea, and for the sneaker-style OOmgs, they are assembled in either Indonesia or Vietnam. Depending on style, some of the pairs produced in Vietnam to be painted or embellished in Taiwan. 


    Due to the way OOFOS are produced, sizes may differ. The dimensions can also differ between each style. We try to give the best possible advice by displaying a foot length in centimeters in our - Size Guide

    What width do OOFOS come in?

    With the exception of our OOlala, all OOFOS come in a medium unisex width. However, there are specific styles that we suggest for people that tend to have wider or narrow feet. For people that have a wider set foot we highly recommend the OOriginal and OOriginal Sport thong, or the OOahh Sport Flex slide sandals. Our OOahh Sport Flex features an adjustable OOfoam™ strap which accommodates wide or narrow feet, as well as those with high insteps and arches. If you tend to have a narrower foot, we suggest the OOlala thong as the foot bed shape is slightly narrower. Do you have a high instep? Then it is possible that the OOahh style can be tight on the foot, we therefore recommend the OOaah Flex for those with a high instep.

    With footwear, fit is important. The dimensions are indications and may differ. Would you rather try on in an OOFOS store? Find a store near you through our Store Locator

    Can I be notified when a particular size and style come back in stock?

    Absolutely! The best way to stay up to date on the arrival of any out of stock style would be to go to the product page, select your size that is currently crossed out, and enter your email address in the box below to be personally notified when the shoes are available. Don't see an email box when you click on your out of stock size? It's possible we're not sure of a restock date just yet, please check back in later.


    Do I need to break in my OOFOS?

    While it may take some time to get used to the feel of our proprietary OOfoam™ and our patented footbed, OOFOS themselves need minimal to no breaking in. 

    OOFOS’ unique OOfoam™ material & patented footbed is designed to help you walk with your most natural gait. While the footwear itself should not need breaking in, it may take you a few minutes moving in the OOFOS to settle into this new sensation underfoot – and that’s a good thing! Recovery footwear has a different purpose than active footwear. If what we developed felt the same as everything you had felt before … well, we wouldn’t really be pioneering something new, would we?!


    My shoe size has a W or M next to it, is that the width?

    At OOFOS, W will always denote "women's" and M will always denote "men's", to help determine which size is right for you. We do not offer wide width shoes at this time, so all our shoes will be a medium width with the exception of our OOlala sandal which is narrow. Unisex products will have the men's and women's sizing equivalents listed together, for example M5W7 or M10W12. The M and W denote which size it is for the respective gender, and not a medium or wide width. 

    Sizes indicated on the actual products will refer to the US sizing system (for example you may see M5W7 EU38 - which refers to a US Men's size 5, US Women's size 7 and EU size 38)


    Do OOFOS come in half sizes?

    All styles come in whole sizes only.

    If you typically wear a half size, we suggest that customers who are women tend to size up to the nearest whole size, and customers who are men tend to size down to the whole size. While this general suggestion works for many and is a common pattern we see, every person may ultimately need to adjust to suit individual foot size and shape and fit preference. This is just a general suggestion from what we find works for most people that wear our footwear.


    Are OOFOS Vegan?

    Yes! OOFOS are completely vegan and contain no animal by-products.


    Can I wear socks with my OOFOS?

    If it helps yOO feel the OO! All OOFOS are designed to be worn with or without socks, it is completely a matter of personal preference.


    What is the heel to toe drop in OOFOS?

    The heel-to-toe drop in all OOFOS is 6mm, but due to the heel cup and elevated arch in our patented footbed design, the traditional approach to measuring drop does not translate from performance footwear.


    Will my OOFOS stretch out as I wear them?

    OOFOS are not designed to stretch significantly upon initial wear, and don't have a "break in" period. The OOfoam of brand new pair may feel more firm compared to older pairs, but as the footbed warms up to your unique feet you'll feel the same support and comfort you know and love. If your style and size feel uncomfortably firm or tight upon initial try on, we would suggest trying a different style or going up one half or whole size for a more comfortable fit. 


    Do OOFOS contain harsh chemicals, dyes, rubber, or latex?

    No, OOFOS do not contain harsh chemicals, dyes, rubber, or latex.

    When designing OOFOS, our first priorities were safety and quality. Unlike inexpensive flip-flops typically constructed of EVA foam, OOFOS footwear is made using our proprietary, closed cell foam that only contains materials deemed non-toxic. Additionally, OOFOS are also painted with non-toxic paints.

    OOFOS footwear does not contain rubber or latex, so those with latex sensitivity can safely wear any of our styles. You can feel good wearing OOFOS next to your skin.


    Can I wear my OOFOS for working out?

    OOFOS are great for casual walking and post-workout recovery. However, we do not recommend OOFOS footwear for exercise-specific activities.



    How long will it take my OOFOS to ship to me?

    • Free shipping on all orders!
    • Delivery is usually within 4 working days. Depending on your location and the time your order is placed, you may receive your purchase sooner than that. 
    • We require a residential address for delivery as we cannot deliver to PO Boxes.
    • We do not deliver outside of Australia  



    What is OOFOS’ returns and exchange policy?

    Our mission at OOFOS is to make yOO feel better! If you aren’t quite feeling the OO, you may return or exchange your OOFOS Australia purchase within 30 days of the purchase date. Refund policy

    *The item must be in original sellable condition in order to qualify for refund. It must have the original tags attached*

    *Final Sale items are not eligible for return or exchange. 

    Returns are carefully processed in the order that we receive them, so please be patient. We make every effort to expedite requests as quickly as possible.


    Please take or return your OOFOS to the store or contact the online retailer from where they were purchased.


    How can I process a return or exchange?

    EMAIL : sales@oofos.com.au   

    PHONE : (02) 9670 0600

    We hope you love your OOFOS but if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied, it’s super simple to return them with our 30 day returns policy. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. The product tag must be still attached to the product so only remove this once you are certain about your purchase.

    To asses both fit and comfort you should only try your OOFOS on inside the house on carpet and not on hard surfaces or outside. This is essential, as we will only accept the return of footwear in as-new condition. 

    Should you wish to return your OOFOS for exchange or refund, you will need to pay the return shipping costs to us. We in turn will cover the shipping costs of any replacement products to you.

    To return your product, please request an RA number by sending an email to sales@oofos.com.au and indicate the reason for your return. Please also include some images of your footwear for us to view.

    Note our office hours are Monday - Friday, so please allow time for our team to reply via email with instructions for your return.

    Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item and whether it has been approved or rejected for your refund. 

    • Gift cards are non-returnable 


    Every pair of OOFOS is under warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase. If it turns out there is a defect in your OOFOS, we will replace them with a new pair. All items returned to OOFOS that have passed the 6 month date of purchase will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    OOFOS products purchased from our retail partners must be returned to the place of purchase for warranty assessment.




    Where can I purchase OOFOS?

    We have a store locator where you can do a search for a location closest to you. Not all locations will have a full selection of every style and colour so we suggest you call ahead if you are looking for a specific style. 


    How do I know if I am buying from one of your authorized sellers?

    You can find any of our verified sellers directly on our website by using our store locator. 


    How do I clean and care for my OOFOS?

    Keeping your OOFOS looking good is easy. OOfoam™ is a closed cell foam, so it doesn’t hold in any moisture or bacteria and minimizes odour so you can wear them anywhere and clean if they get dirty.

    All OOFOS can be washed in cold water with mild soap. Our OOmg shoes can be machine washed on the gentle cycle using cold water. Simply air dry in a cool, shady spot. You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean the soles.

    Do not put your OOFOS in the dryer as exposing OOFOS to high heat or prolonged direct sunlight will cause the material to shrink.


    How long do OOFOS last?

    OOfoam™ support and cushioning lasts for the life of the shoe. OOFOS don’t lose form as quickly as typical EVA foams. Wear tests show that OOfoam™ experiences lower abrasion because it moves with the ground and your foot at the same time. It is working “with” hard surfaces rather than against them.

    We recommend replacing your OOFOS approximately as often as you replace your running shoes, but that is dependent on how often you wear them. Let the tread be your guide. We do find that most customers will change out their OOFOS around every 6-8 months or when the treads on the bottom of the shoe start to wear down.

    See our post "How often should I replace my OOFOS?"


    Will OOFOS be good for the medical condition that I have?

    While we can't give anyone concrete medical advice on whether our shoes will work for them, we have heard a lot of great feedback that our shoes have help customers with a variety of aches, pains & issues.

    We recommend doing your research - there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, both via reviews and testimonials, and you should also check with your doctor or podiatrist to see if they suggest trying OOFOS for your particular condition.


    Are OOFOS slip resistant?

    OOFOS are not certified as slip resistant.


      Are the OOmg Boots/Booties waterproof?

      While the upper part of the OOmg Boot and Bootie are insulated and water resistant, neither are waterproof.


      Why do OOFOS have a unique scent when I first open them?

      The aroma you smell when you open a new pair of OOFOS comes from our freshly-made OOfoam™ - which gets contained in the packaging during assembly. OOFOS do not contain any toxic materials or chemicals. Simply place them outside or near some fresh air and the scent should dissipate. You can also clean your OOFOS in cold water with mild soap or throw them in the washing machine (no dryer – air dry) to resolve the scent. 


      How do OOFOS footwear help with recovery?

      Most people are wearing shoes that tell their feet where to move. This is because these shoes are very structured. Athletic shoes can be stiff as they quite often are geared for stability. Orthotics are designed to do the same thing. OOFOS shoes are about the "feel" and helping your feet and you to feel better! Our patented foot-bed design offers a lot of support and the OOfoam provides 37% more shock absorption than any other materials found in footwear. This translates to giving the feet and your body relief from the effects of weight bearing and thus helps the wearer recover from the physical demands of their activity, whether it be from sports, working or being on their feet all day.