Meet mOOver Elijah Bryant

Meet mOOver Elijah Bryant

“I knew that the lifestyle I was choosing was different. I sacrificed a lot to put myself in a position to have this opportunity. I had the confidence and the work ethic, but I had to find a way to gain an edge on my competition.”


Who is Elijah Bryant?

Elijah Bryant is a double champion. He is the only professional basketball player to win two back-to-back titles in both the NBA and Euroleague. Elijah is currently living in Turkey and starting his third season playing professional basketball abroad. This Georgia native has been playing basketball his entire life. He knew he had to put in the work to achieve his dream, which was to become a pro. Growing up, his parents drove him two hours to Atlanta just to play basketball after school, then drove two hours home that same evening. He completed most of his studies in the car, sacrificed weekends with friends for weekends in the gym, and chose to follow a formula that gave him the best odds to succeed. 

One Cent Club

One of Elijah’s routines that he developed in his years of training is called the One Cent Club. It was developed based on Elijah’s personal goal of sustainability over time, and that small details lead to bigger things. Elijah uses this motto in every aspect of his life, including being a father and a husband, his spirituality, basketball and even recovery. One cent better could mean setting down his phone to stay more present with his family, or it could mean 10 extra minutes putting up shots and the end of practice. It can even mean wearing OOFOS between workouts so his muscles and joints can decompress faster after hours of compression from a high intensity practice. By wearing OOFOS, Elijah is applying his one cent mantra to recovery – helping him gain an edge on his competition and recover more efficiently during his day to day.

Finding OOFOS

Elijah was first introduced to OOFOS from his parents, who are avid runners. His mom had always taught Elijah to look for that next best thing, and she herself had been wearing OOFOS for a few months. Despite Elijah’s scepticism that a pair of sandals could really make a difference, Elijah was convinced to try them. His first impression was that they were the best sandals he had ever experienced. “It feels like you are putting your feet into a cloud, but it also gives you a massage at the same time. Ever since then I was hooked. When I found out they were great for recovery…it was a 2-for-1 for me; my feet got to breathe, and they helped me actively recover.”

The Mindset

“To get to elite status, it’s all about routines and being task driven. Before a practice and before a game, there’s always a focus. For me, that starts with how you take care of your body, starting with your feet.” These thoughts remain a constant in Elijah’s mind and in his own practices each day.  If he does not sustain his greatness and emphasize the small details, he knows that there are others that would gladly take his place. 


In between basketball seasons, Elijah always prioritizes going  back to Utah, where he played in college,  to host a kids basketball clinic each summer called One Cent Academy. His passion is to educate the youth on becoming a well-rounded person and athlete. He not only coaches basketball skills and drills, but also teaches the importance of recovery and how to take care of your body from a young age. He stresses mental strength through routine journaling and goal setting, while also preaching the importance of being grateful for your opportunities. 

"There are kids that look up to me."

Looking Ahead

Elijah has goals of growing One Cent Academy into a week-long camp over summer and continuing to mentor and coach young kids. He and his wife, Janelle, hope to eventually move back to the United States so that they and their son, Blue, can be closer to family.

Elijah, his son Blue, and wife

While Elijah is excited to reach new heights in his career overseas, he has not ruled out going back home to play in the NBA. “If the opportunity makes sense in terms of playing time, the right situation, and the right fit, then I’m excited to take it. The biggest thing for me is to continue to get better every single day.”