Meet mOOver Chloe Arnold

Meet mOOver Chloe Arnold

Chloe's joyful story of recovery and fortitude will leave yOO inspired and feeling better.



Chloe Arnold is an Emmy-nominated choreographer and International tap star. She makes a living on her feet mOOving, creating and expressing as a choreographer of The Late Late Show with James Corden. She’s choreographed and danced in other shows, like The Ellen Show, as well as films and productions, like the recently released musical, The Heights. She’s one half of the Beyoncé-praised dance crew Syncopated Ladies, founder of the DC Tap Fest and co-producer of a documentary about tap dancing, Tap World. She doesn’t just dance for a living either. Her and her sister leverage their platform and success in creative ways to bring joy to the world through dance. Chloe is warm and full of grace, no matter what life’s thrown her way.


In 2017, Chloe began suffering from plantar fasciitis, a foot condition that 2 million people are treated for every year. As someone who’s booked to mOOve, loves to dance and has to use her feet, she’s been forced to hide the injury and dance through the pain…until she found OOFOS.  


Finding OOfoam

In 2019, a simple online search led Chloe to try her first pair of OOFOS. She started her journey with a pair of OOlala sandals. She realized “wait a minute, I’m feeling better.It was a WOW!  moment. A small change in her shoe choice when not in the studio impacted Chloe’s entire outlook. OOFOS brought joy back to her dancing. “When I put on my tap shoes and felt no more pain, that was the ultimate joy.” 

OOFOS were built to “make yOO feel better” through a combination of our proprietary OOfoam™ technology and patented footbed. This partnership provides active foot recovery that keeps you in motion. When that motion meets someone like Chloe who maximizes every moment of life, we call it OOsoul.



OOFOS became a mainstay in Chloe’s self-care program, which also includes a rigorous fitness routine, yoga and mobility exercises. She wears her OOFOS at-home, in between rehearsals and filming - even after red carpet walks. “When I changed my shoe game, I changed my life. Now I feel like, just, no limits, I can dance for the rest of my life.”  

Chloe reached out to us in November 2020 to tell us how much she loved OOFOS, explaining how dancers “use our feet insanely! These shoes are incredible for recovery!!” Once we learned Chloe OOzes the OOsoul, we couldn’t wait to celebrate her and her mission to mOOve the dance community.



After connecting with Chloe, we discovered that she and her sister, Maud, teach free dance classes for economically challenged youth in the LA area. This outreach program gives kids access to an art, learning opportunity, and a path to success they may otherwise have missed. They even help up-and-coming dancers and choreographers gain experience through real work in the industry. Chloe’s mentorship and support exposes kids to healthy exercise and more. 

OOFOS is proud to give back by partnering with Chloe to help financially support the expansion of her efforts. Keep an eye on Chloe! She’s mOOving us and the world with OOFOS behind her (and on her feet).