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OOFOS Recovery Footwear Testimonials and Reviews

OOfos Testimonial - 2nd December 2015

I’m not a runner (bad knees), and I don’t have plantar fasciitis or bunions. But I do love my OOfos!

As an artist, I am on my feet all day. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in leg fatigue and knee pain since wearing OOfos.

My favourites are the thongs - they are comfortable and offer the right amount of support for me. I’ve got a lot of shoes in my closet, but the OOfos thong is by far the most comfortable thing I can put on my feet.

Thank You!

Margaret S

OOfos Testimonial - 11th September 2015

I suffered a foot injury whilst running one day and after 2 weeks of agonizing pain I went to the doctor to be diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis with the advice that I can no longer have my arch unsupported. I went searching for the correct footwear and discovered the OOfos slides.

As a young adult looking to keep fit and continue training for events, I needed to find something that accelerated my recovery time. Recovery footwear, I didn’t even know that was a thing or what it meant but now after owning a pair of OOfos I can say that they offered me significant relief not only in my feet but in my lower back also. I never knew footwear was such a vital part of posture, comfort, recovery and pain relief.

With my Plantar Fasciitis, my biggest agony was walking up hills, so that’s where I decided to slip them on for the first time at the base of a hill and off I went… with barely any pain! I could still feel the issue in my foot but it didn’t come with the unbearable pain that I was used to having.

Now, somewhat 5 or 6 weeks later I can proudly say that I am 95% pain free. I wear them almost everywhere I go, if the situation doesn’t call for a certain dress code you’ll be sure I’ll be there in my OOfos.

I feel that they have excellent cushioning; light and durable, firm but comfortable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these shoes to everyone I know, in fact I have my mother purchasing a pair as we speak.

Lisa, Sydney

OOfos Testimonial - 16th June 2015

I received my new pair of OOfos this week and have been walking around the house in them for a couple of days. I originally planned to wear them for a few hours but they are so comfortable that I have left them on.

The arch support is soft yet firm. That sounds contradictory but the end result is that the pressure under the arch, specifically the talus bone, is supportive and comfortable.

The support of this bone is essential to support the longitudinal arch of the foot. If the longitudinal arch of the foot is supported to prevent excessive pronation, plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spurring.

OOfos Recovery Footwear are the perfect summer thongs for me to wear and I will continue to do so and I certainly recommend them.

Dr. Peter Walters, Chiropractor

OOfos Testimonial - 28th March 2014

OOfos have changed my life and I will wear them forever. My conditions are Chronic Bilateral Achilles Tendonosis, Chronic bilateral Plantar Fasciitis and Plantar Fibromas. Full recovery is not possible in my case, so supportive footwear and pain management are crucial.

I have spent hundreds of dollars trying gee-whiz shoes, but absolutely NOTHING compares to OOfos.

Pamela, Sydney

OOfos Testimonial - 28th March 2014

I have been wearing my new Oofos thongs now for several weeks. I find them very comfortable and they provide good arch support which complements the orthitics I wear in my shoes. They are quite thick and actually keep my feet warm on cooler days. Thoroughly recommended!

Grant, Adelaide

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

I have never been able to wear normal thongs or walk around barefoot as home due to serious back problems. However, since wearing my OOfos thongs around the house, my back no longer aches and my feet are so comfortable. They’re pillows for my feet and I’m addicted to them!
Vanessa H, Melbourne

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

I have suffered from right hip pain for years especially after housework and gardening. Whilst doing my housework one morning the hip pain became worse and so I decided to try the OOfos thongs. I continued working and to my surprise within a short time the pain became less and in two hours had completely disappeared.

I now wear my Oofos thongs all the time whilst working around home and also after any exercise I do. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone for comfort and therapeutic value.

Dianne, South Australia

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

As an individual with chronic knee issues, I am always concerned about the effects of my workouts on my knees and the associated pain afterwards. OOfos thong has significantly reduced my pain and recovery time after a workout.
Sasha, PE Teacher

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

Even the thongs that I do own have a small heel, but not often worn as they are all uncomfortable to me. Imagine my surprise when I tried these new OOfos thongs. They are extremely light and so comfortable, that it felt like I wasn’t wearing thongs let alone any shoes. I put them on every day when I get home from work and my husband now has a pair as well.
Patricia W, Sydney

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

I purchased the OOfos thongs after hearing good reports about comfort and serviceability from my neighbour. They have lived up to my expectations. I wear them all the time at home. As I live alone in a large house with steps and a rambling garden, I find by wearing the thongs I am free from any aches and pains whilst working as well as after completing my tasks. I would recommend them to anyone who requires comfort and also for their therapeutic value.

Retired Chartered Accountant, South Australia

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

My name is Zara and I am thirteen, and have had very painful bunions all my life. Having bunions has always made it very hard to find the right shoe. In summer everyone else can wear thongs, but because my bigger toe goes underneath and across my others toes it makes it extremely painful to have a hard piece of plastic jabbing into the bone of my big toe. Because everyone wears “regular” thongs (the plastic ones) it makes it very hard to find cloth thongs (the cloth goes in between the toes instead of the plastic). We had only managed to find one pair, and they broke in about three weeks. That was two or so years ago, since then I haven’t been able to wear thongs at all.

Recently I found out about OOfos. My mother is a sponsored athlete and got some OOfos thongs. I tried them on, to see if they suited my feet and reduced the pain. They were so comfortable! The piece of squishy plastic/foam for between the toes changed shape and fit snuggly in between my toes. Also because of my bunions, I also have other feet problems; I have no arch in my foot when I stand up with no shoes on. With my mum’s pair of OOfos on, I could feel the arch support, and I really badly wanted to take them and call them my own.

So about a week later, I started begging my mum to me some. I managed to convince her to get me a pair, and then I started bugging her about when they would come! I finally got them, and even with a friend in the car I ripped open the plastic and slipped them on straight away. They are the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn, and I wish I could wear them to school!

Zara, Melbourne

OOfos Testimonial - 17th March 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to road test the new OOfos Recovery footwear. I must admit before putting my pair through their “paces” I wasn’t quite sure what “Recovery Footwear” was. After a week of continued use across a wide range of conditions I now know what the term means. Bliss!

As a middle aged, active, 85kg (on a good day) male I often experience painful and tired feet after prolonged exercise. This may be tennis, a gym session, cricket, walking or a few hours shopping (probably the most tiring). Slipping into my OOfos at the end of the day or when I want to “free my feet” is now a must.

I must admit when I first tried them I wasn’t quite sure if they were for me. I am not use to being that little higher off the ground and the contoured fit seemed to force me to correct my posture and balance (something my dear old Mum could never do). However within 30 seconds my balance was right, my back felt great and my feet and legs were purring with delight.

For years I have been a wearer of rubber thongs or walking bare when I want to rest my feet. Now I search for relief in my OOfos.

Apart from the comfort and the cushioned walk that delivers real benefits to my body they also have some other great other features. Firstly they come in 3 different styles; thongs, clogs and slides; and a range of colours. Secondly they appear very stable. Wet slate on my front stairs has always worried me, but my OOfos seem to handle brilliantly in wet and slippery conditions.

Mark G, Sydney

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