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Expert Opinions on OOFOS Recovery Footwear

Expert Opinion - 2nd April 2014

I have been using "physiological and well-being" footwear for 9 years now, often as the key treatment component for clinical problems in weight bearing joints and soft tissue problems.

The soles in this technology function like a dynamic orthotic, rehabilitating and aiding recovery.

OOfos is a great addition to this important category, at a great price point. I am finding the flexible straps stretch for swollen feet, yet once worn, this technology can help reduce swelling.

Wearing these in lieu of bare feet is important until pain and inflammation settles, including osteoarthritis, Achilles Tendonosis, slipped discs and more.

Bronwyn Cooper - Dr Foot Solutions, Drummoyne

Expert Opinion - 2nd April 2014

Wow, didn’t think that I would love these as much as I do. From the moment that I put these super comfy thong type shoes from OOfos on my feet, I never want to take them off.

After finishing all of my runs, I wear them around the house, out shopping – wherever and swear that my legs and feet recover faster.

I will not be travelling and running a marathon without these in my suit case, so that I have something just perfect for my tired aching feet to wear.

I highly recommend these OOfos shoes for all runners.

Erica King - Running Divas Australia

Expert Opinion - 17th March 2014

I cannot recommend them highly enough for their comfort factor. After a few days of wearing them, I could not go back to regular thongs. They feel fantastic on your feet for post exercise recovery and just as good for casual day to day wear. Durable & extremely comfy - Once you try OOfos, you'll realize what you've been missing

Kyle's Bio:

Kyle Williams has 20 years experience as an adventurer, fitness trainer and athlete.
OOfos are a revelation. He has led numerous adventures across the world including the Kokoda Track and throughout Australia’s Snowy Mountains. His results based fitness programs have been featured in leading fitness publications including Ultrafit, Run 4 Your Life and Triathlon and Multi Sports.

In November 2013, Australian adventurer Kyle Williams became the first person to climb all 26 Australian 2,000 metre mountain peaks non-stop - 48 hours of continuous activity over 130 kilometres with nearly 6,000 metres of elevation gain.

Kyle Williams, ACT

Expert Opinion - 17th March 2014

My patients love their OOfos. They try them on and are amazed by the comfort. It's great to have a truly comfortable, shock absorbing, lightweight casual thong or slip-on that also supports the arch where it needs it. And at the price they are great value for money. I walk to work every day, and OOfos is what I wear, and what I recommend. That they are machine washable is a bonus as well.
Leigh Birchley -

Expert Opinion - 17th March 2014

Recently I received a pair of OOfos recovery thongs from my sponsors at CW-X who now stock this footwear. OOfos recovery thongs are made with a new material called OOfoam that, along with supportive footbed, provide relief and comfort to feet tired out from trail running!

I first tried these on after a long run. The first thing I noticed was how nice it was to have an arch supporting my feet, something sadly missing from either standard thongs, or other supposed ‘supportive’ thongs/slides I have tried in the past. The next thing I noticed was the squishy luxuriousness of OOfos foam. Just what I needed after a number of hours running over rocks and hard ground!

I really felt like my feet were properly supported, and the cushioning gave my sore feet great relief. Not only that, but I could feel the difference in my legs too. There was less impact as I was walking around. Everytime I get home from a run I put on my CW-X compression tights to aid recovery, now I also put on my OOfos thongs!

Although the thongs look a bit thick and bulky, they are surprisingly lightweight. Also, the part that goes between your toes is soft and comfy. I find most thongs hideously uncomfortable because they irritate my skin where it rubs between my toes. Not so with the OOfos thongs! I can wear these for hours with no problems whatsoever.

Isobel Bespalov, Australian Trail Running Champion